20 May 2010

a rare photoless post

just words for now. only because i'm not on my laptop.

i'm not technically "back" because i embarked on mini roadtrip around texas to visit friends. eights months without them was too long and i couldn't wait any longer. i started with houston. and now, i'm sitting in a coffee shop in austin typing on a friend's second laptop while she works. just had a random urge to write.

but can you believe - this week is graduation weekend. that was me one year ago, walking the stage. and now, i'm in the same place. but i am most definitely not the same person. it's funny how much can change in one year. one thing, however, will never change: my love for austin.

see you soon (with photos) (in istanbul) when i return (to dallas)!

have a nice weekend!


Lizounette said...

enjoy your time catching up with friends!

any news on next year, yet?

cathy said...

thanks :)! and no idea about france, i likely won't hear back until august or even september! just trying not to think about it and explore other options.