25 May 2010

red start green end

istanbul43pomegranate red. you’re used to seeing just a few pricey ones in the “exotic fruit” section at high end groceries in texas. but in istanbul, they are spilling out of all shop windows, just waiting to be juiced for a perfect breakfast drink.

istanbul44blue. for the blue mosque. aptly named because of its intense blue mosaics everywhere.

istanbul45 green and gold. beause it isn’t just blue.

istanbul46red. for the simit carts that you see everywhere. a slightly sweet sesame topped street food bread. the aroma never escapes you because it really is  sold everywhere.

istanbul47strawberry reds. you adore strawberries and love seeing the different interpretations of strawberry tartelettes in each country you travel. but it’s really the banana in the cake piques your interest the most. did they really just roll an entire banana in a cake?

istanbul48gray. for the bad mood you were in because the grand bazaar turned out to be one of the biggest tourist traps ever.

istanbul49rosy pink. for a better mood. because you discovered some hidden gems in the grand bazaar.  a hidden patio. sunlight. quiet. steps. a completely different experience.

istanbul50bold colors. for the tightly packed blocks (?) of fabric crammed into small shops. textile heaven!

istanbul51steely blues and golds. for a sweet hot drink (that had some sort of condensed milk and cinnamon, if you remember correctly) that you never caught the name of, and for buttons sold in bulk.

istanbul52green and orange. for the loukoms. the piles of sweets. the coil drenched in honey. and the pistachio nougat. you now realize you weren’t very good at note taking this trip…. but perhaps it has to do with the fact that you weren’t super crazy about the sweets in instanbul. nice to taste, but you are a flour person and that is what really makes you tick. like the next set.

istanbul54white. because you adore things made with flour. and also for powdered sugar and cream. just some extra sweetness for the already very sweet turkish pastries.

istanbul53green. yet again, for crushed pistachios in baklava. you never knew there was more than just that typical triangular form of baklava. in istanbul you discover tray after tray after tray of this layered deliciousness.

the most characteristic thing about turkish pastries that you’ve noticed is: nuts. they love nuts. especially pistachios. and dried fruit. and perhaps honey as well.

on the topic of green, you’re also impatiently waiting for fig season to start. you craved figs while you were in istanbul, but in february, figs were a no go. but now it’s may. and soon figs will be popping up on your side of the ocean. those green texas figs. soon. so very soon.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Another set of gorgeous pictures! Those sweet treats look devilishly scrumptious...



christelle is flabbergasting said...

OH MY CATHY! These pics from Istanbul are amazing!!! SO beautiful and inspiring! I also tried my hand on colors stripes on my last blog post but I am surely not as talented as you!

I am flabbergasted!! o_O

Anonymous said...

I know this is 3 years late, but that white sweet drink is called "salep", and you can make it yourself if you can find the main ingredient, the spice "salep". You just add some milk and sugar. Just found your blog, was surprised to see you visited Istanbul, my hometown :) made me so happy!