13 May 2010

start with pastries, end with pastries

istanbul22green. even if turkey is the #1 producer of hazelnuts, pistachios are king. and you have a feeling because its of the green. the pastries would no look near as good with the browns of hazelnuts.

istanbul23blue and red. for the obligatory headscarves in all the mosques. sometime they supply it, like this mosque. but you have your own polyester one stashed in your purse. red. for the street number plates. amazing how you can be reminded of a city just by the style of the number plaques. france has it’s signature blue ones, and turkey has red.

istanbul24peaches. for pilfered marbles. beads. chandeliers. colors of a mosque.

istanbul25turquoise and pink. dirt is a serious thing in istanbul. to enter the palace museums, one must wear plastic slips over their shoes. attention! it can get dangerous with rainy weather...

istanbul26whites. you’re not allowed to make photos inside. and it’s heavily enforced. but outside, right next to the sea, it’s game. you’re right next to the sea. you find the most adorable pair of chairs. the guard you know not to fool around with. and an aviary full of feathers.

istanbul27we pause for a little tale about love. on the lush palace grounds, male and female peacocks roam in their own private garden.

istanbul28mister peacock decides he wants a girlfriend. so, hop!, out come the feathers. all that iridescent blue is enough to seduce you. you move as close as you possibly can because you can’t take your eyes of something so beautiful.

istanbul29but miss peacock, on the other hand, just cares about eating. she doesn’t even give him one glance. and she’s not the only one. all of the females ignore him and just keep eating. so the moral of the story is: you can be very very good looking, but you better have delicious food if you want attention!

istanbul30this little boy decides to give it a shot after mister’s failure. look at the effort! but just like his predecessor, he fails. so no love story to be found here. just a sad tale of rejection.

istanbul31steel gray. it isn’t necessarily gray skies. it’s noon and the sun is just just shining extremely strongly. you’re also hungry. real hungry. you leave the palace and start walking north to an area called ortakoy to find a good restaurant.

and there aren’t any. it’s rows and rows of nothing but schools. 30, 40, 50, minutes worth! you and your friend decide you’re absolutely famished and you’ll eat anything, whatever it is, at the next restaurant that pops up.

you pass the last school wall. and you see…

istanbul32black and white. paul! a PAUL! in istanbul! but you decide together that as famished as you are, eating paul in istanbul is not really the best idea. paul is great, but you most profiter being in istanbul. so you take your chances and keep walking.

istanbul33reds. and you find this. ev mantisi, little turkish raviolis covered with yogurt. paçanga böreg, a flaky pastry filled with… you forgot. cream cheese, you think. but you are far from sure. and lastly, etli yaprak sarma, grapeleaves stuffed with beef, covered once again in yogurt.

much better than eating french chain pastries.

istanbul34crystal. after satisfying your hunger, you walk a few steps over to a mosque. which will become your favorite mosque.

istanbul36tan. this mosque is your favorite because of how it plays with light. all the intersections of patterns from the building, the carpet, and the shadows keep your eye busy.

istanbul35sandy. you also adore how everything in the mosque has stuck to the same hues. no contrasting colors, just a soft beige, which accents the sun very well.

istanbul37pale peaches. and perhaps it being right by water also helps. anything one has a building next to water, it’s likability rate goes up up up.

istanbul38turquoise. turkey. turquie. you finally make the connection between the two. learning a second language has its advantages.

istanbul39yellow lights from the asian coast. you’re already amused by the fact that you can see germany while standing on swiss soil. so the idea of being able to see an entirely different continent is almost too much to handle.

istanbul40bold yellows and blues. the mix of the dark sky with the glow of artificial lights being illuminated always does it for you.

istanbul41blue. even at night, the mosque still plays with light.

istanbul42bgray. you end the night with tea and cookies. pay attention to the shape of the glass… it’ll come up later.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Splendid! I really want to go there!



erin said...

now i want to go there too! your blog is very beautiful

i love love said...

wonderful...a place with good food and nice things in it..where is this place?..and the photos are just plain awesome..this post filled my eyes with worth seeing objects..i love it..i would have mistaken this blog as an art for sale website because of the beauty it displays..i like it!

Zizi said...

Your post is amazing and beautiful! Congratulations! Keep up the good work.