29 May 2010


salonag02why is there an intricately carved apple?

salonag03why is there a giant oven and people rolling out baguettes?

salonag04why is there a huge pile of salt?

salonag05 why is there a young chef in training plating some food?

salonag06why is there a display case of wine, wine, and more wine?

salonag07why is there a giant chunk of mold? namely, penicillium roqueforti? aka the mold that is found in roquefort?

salonag08 why are there ham and sheep cheese baguette sandwiches being sold?

salonag09 why are there horses running around?

salonag10why are these dogs so happy, and what are they doing here?

salonag01why, it’s the salon de l’agriculture 2010! (that explains all the not-so-nice fluorescent lighting). perhaps i should use the past tense. but right after istanbul, i made a beeline for paris the weekend after for a daytrip to this massive gathering of france’s gastronomic pride.

imagine. a huge convention center. separated by france’s regions. all giving out samples. all selling their specialties. all eager to talk to you. all happy to talk about how X from their region is special and better than X from another region.

you’re overwhelmed. you spend about 2 hours wandering around.

and then you find out there’s a second floor because one floor didn’t cover all of france.

more hours pass. and you find out they have real, actual, living, breathing animals as well. goats, ducks, horses, donkeys – if it has to do with farms, it’s here! and giant expositions. and performances.

you didn’t finish, because you had a train to catch back to evreux. but you were already very overloaded on food and information, so that was fine. and you also came back with a very heavy plastic bag full of brochures and flyers – reading material that will last a while.

salonag11last question: why do i have to be longer than one hour away from paris? i’m definitely a bit paris-sick. or france-sick. or most of all, evreux-sick.

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