15 June 2010

my summer in texas

hose01i’ve got a 9-5 office job. (don’t worry, it’s temporary and only until the end of august.) you might think that is the reason why it’s been a bit empty here recently. but that would be the last reason.

here are some reasons. definitely not all.

clafoutis as normal, i’ve been baking and and cooking as crazy. at least 2 loaves of bread each week, and 2 types of dessert, a different lunch salad each day, farmer’s market experimentations… i just do it so often that it’s become a daily habit instead of a special occasion where i’d document all the steps and write detailed notes and then blog about it.

i’m very happy that cooking/baking is now a natural thing that just happens rather than my old style of studying a recipe for hours and making sure all the ingredients are correct and all the steps are followed and then writing detailed notes and blogging about it later. i just go with how i feel. and eat. and enjoy. and blogging is the last thing on my mind. don’t worry, there will be some exceptions later on. for the more special stuff :)

roadalso lots of roadtripping. to visit people i like very much in various texas cities. as well as exploring the best swimming spots in texas.

and i’ve begun rock climbing. but no photos of that. yet.

typeanother reason why there might be less activity here is because i’ve been typing with a typewriter that i saved from a mountain of dust buried in my house. typing letters to friends. and then squeezing as many stamps as possible onto an envelope and mailing them. so the typewriter has reduced my urge to use the laptop keyboard.

hose02and then i watched atonement. which features heavily a typewriter. perfect timing. but even more perfect, i found a rumor in imdb that they used a piece of pantyhose stretched over the camera lens to give the film a hazy look. bingo. i dig up an old pair – and it’s giving me some dreamy photos. and it’s spinning off: i want to try lace and tuile, ribbons and buttons – there’s all sorts of things one can stick in front of a lens.

reminds me of when i tried making photos with a sheet of gelatin or when i played with some 3d glasses. unfortunately i lost that precious little sheet.

gotti was very close to buying a holga or diana or blackbird fly toy plastic camera. but something just felt very wrong. and i didn’t know why. for weeks i wondered what was stopping me from clicking on “buy” on amazon.

then i realized it: for the amount of money i spent on a remake of a toy camera, i could get original vintage cameras instead. it just didn’t feel right for spending more on something that wasn’t even the original.

and so with craigslist, i found a collector downsizing his collection. and now i’ve got three new toys. a gorgeous fold out camera. a british viewfinder. and the most important: a twins reflex. but not just any twins reflex. one that was made for sears in america, but made in göttingen in germany.

and you’ll find out why that is important later.

(but if you’d like a hint, you can go here.)


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Glad to know that you are having a blast cooking, baking and eating!



Lizounette said...

What a neat trick to use panty hose like that. Very cool that you've found a type writer; there is nothing like a letter in the mail.