15 June 2010

nine years

tenyears03the time stamp is the only reason why i know half of these photos are from nine years ago.

tenyeras06and i’m saying half because these are accidently double exposed images.

tenyears02half of them are from a trip to taiwan 9 years ago, and the other half are from a few months ago when i went to the louvre in france.

tenyears04what a wonderful way to merge two different cultures. and i had absolutely no idea until i had the photos developed.

tenyears01the louvre and a taiwanese landscape, who would’ve ever thought that they’d be united in texas?

tenyears05now i’m completely inspired to use up a lot of rolls, hide them somewhere in my house, and forget about them. and then use them again years later. and then remember that years ago i made those photos just for some happy accidents.

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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

They are beautiful although the effect was accidental!