28 June 2010

not your usual shaped hamburger macaron

amiensmacaron01the thing about french pastries is that it’s so in depth. pastries itself are overwhelming. but you can also pick just one type of pastry and it itself has a billion variations.

like the macaron. we’re all used to the cute parisian hamburger style, but when i was in france i ran into many macarons that looked nothing like them. but tasted equally delicious.

amiensmacaron03the only thing in common with all these different types of macarons are they use of almonds, egg whites, and sugar.

an impromptu trip to amiens led to the purchase of these babies. eaten long ago, but the taste and memory is still fresh in my head. the macaron d’amiens is a bit heavier, wrapped in foil, and shaped like a little hockey puck. it’s got a crusty outside and a chewy inside that i’m crazy about – but then again, i’m crazy about anything sweet.

it’s interesting how a pastry can reflect the spirit of a city/region as well. this one is simple and down to earth – no fuss about the look, but the taste is spot on. and when the macaron touches your tongue, that’s really the most important part, right?

amiensmacaron02i found a recipe – so once i try it, we’ll see how it compares to my memory.

more about the lovely city of amiens soonish.

hope you are having a nice summer!


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Yes, those are totally different macarons! I love their texture... Funny shape! So unusual.



sofoodsogood said...

Like the packaging. Give us soon the recepe

Lizounette said...

What a pretty package. It almost looks like the coconut macaroon!

cathy said...

macaron, macaroon, all in the same family!