18 June 2010

one pebble

peb01a simple pebble lies on your bed. smooth and plain. nothing very special.

peb02but then you flip it over.

et14and the memories just flood in. and you’re instantly transported back to a certain saturday in march.

et08suddenly you’re not in texas. suddenly you’re here.

et12here, where you waited on your friend who ordered frites and other things to eat.

et11here, where you abandoned your digital camera to give some love to 35mm and an old canonet ql17. march. time was passing too quickly. you wanted nothing more than time to just slow down. the rapidness of digital just wasn’t going to do it for this trip.

et01 here, when you went to etretat & fecamp.

et02here, where you’re laying down on a pebble beach…

et03and just watched the sky as you listened to the waves of the water. time wasn’t moving at all at this moment.

et04some friends decided to take their shoes off…

et05and dip their toes and feet in water that’s a bit too cold for a girl from texas.

et06 a leak of light is all it takes for you to fall deeper in love with film.

et07one little pebble, four amazing people, one amazing day.

et09i’ve always been fascinated with how people attach memories to objects. i don’t have a collection of rocks from each beach i’ve visited. instead i have a range of objects that can take me back to a certain point in time. a plastic knife from a flight. a sugar packet from a bakery. a sticker peeled off an apple.

et10making the meaningless meaningful is what drives me. it may not have monetary value, it may not be rare, it may not be important – but it’s ability to take me instantly back in time is something more significant to me. which is why things with diamonds drive me mad. i’ll take my pebble from the ocean any day over a debeer’s diamond because that diamond won’t ever take me anywhere. but that pebble will. it’ll always bring me back to an exact moment in time that i spent with four amazing people.et13 just a continuation of the themes of memory and collection that i want to continue to explore. and a subtheme about the obsession with what things people think are valuable and what things are valuable.

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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Great memories and awesome picture!