06 July 2010

a ball of yarn and a jar of buttons

map01do you see this ball of yarn? one day, i hope it will be used up. completely gone. at least, that’s my goal.

map02and this jar of buttons. i would like for it to be completely empty.

map03and this is why. my map project. where for the past 9 months, i wrote down the name of every city of visited as well as the route and their order.

and then i connected them all with the yarn (buttons are there on the back as reinforcements) on my beloved map.

map04with france as a home base, turkey is moved to the northeast, as well as germany and slovenia… but then again, this is a record of my trip so it doesn’t matter because it only applies to me.

who knows where this project will go or how it will evolve. the only thing sure is that the ball of yarn and jar of buttons will unravel and diminish as i keep moving and seeing the things out there.

map05and just look at how many times i went between paris and evreux! i am pretty sure that i am responsible for many jobs at sncf.


x said...

what a cool project!!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Wow, you traveled a lot! Great idea.



cathy said...

the less time one has in a place, the more motivated one is to see it all!

donna said...

is part of your heart still there?...stretched from city to city?

cathy said...

part? more like all of my heart... and actually, that map is a good representation of where the biggest pieces are left.

but i'll be back! one day.

Anonymous said...

Hi i only just discovered your blog! I love your photographs, each one of them is so beautiful, unique and interesting. I'll have a nice time poring over them :))
i'm curious - are you a photographer? What are you doing in Paris?

cathy said...

@anon: hi! thank you :) i enjoy photography, but i'm definitely not a professional. i was living in a town an hour outside for paris teaching english last year and i'm hoping to go back!