20 July 2010

bled, blurred by the fog

slovenia24so burek is really a bosnian fast food. (actually, it originated in turkey but in this case the burek in slovenia is the bosnian version)

grease. cheese. meat. layers of phyllo dough. hot. but so good.

you eat this for breakfast. your tummy doesn’t really regret it because it’s used to being fed all sorts of bad stuff… you’ve done a good job at building up it’s immunity!

and after you buy your bus ticket, you go to bled. which is a beautiful lake and alpine resort. with mountains. castles. islands. water.

buuuuuuuuuuuut. as you will see later, weather makes a huge difference…

slovenia24byou’re absolutely cold. today was not a good day to move. so you warm up with some tea. and a few bites of blejska grmada, another specialty from bled. you don’t finish it because it’s extremely rich with cake, custard, raisins, rum, whipped cream, chocolate… you nibble. it might be wasteful, but so is not tasting it for a person so obsessed with pastries.

slovenia25time to walk up. you walk by some houses, some nice gardens, and a very nice church.

slovenia26up, up, up… a hike while it’s sprinkling. while it may be tough to see, all that white space in the above photos are actually mountains obscured by fog. yes. fog has turned this mountain resort into a giant plain. oh well.

slovenia27again, invisible mountains. try typing in “lake bled” into google images – you’ll see some very different images. but you still enjoy this serene almost meditative view too.

slovenia28they have a mini printing press up at the bled castle, complete with costume and cadles. but be careful because to make a print, it’s 8 euros – and they won’t tell you until the end!

slovenia29negative: it’s raining. positive: it’s raining lightly. but it still means this place is deserted. but for someone who likes it when it isn’t crowded, it’s perfect. and look, there’s a lone swan on the lake just like you.

but because you are so cold, and there isn’t much to do here except outdoor activities, you head back to ljubljana.

slovenia30dinner is štrukli. a dish with many regional variations. here, it’s buckwheat strukli. boiled and filled with cheese (plus other things you’ve forgotten) you happily cross off another thing on your “to eat” list.

yes. you do travel with “to eat” lists.

slovenia32you find a mini exhibition and happily browse for a few moments.

slovenia33and you stumble upon a chocolate shop that has only been open for 2 days! just because you like supporting small chocolate businesses (well, tasting them too) you buy some bars as presents for later.

slovenia34and surprise! the sister of your host has made you potica, because you wanted to try some, but didn’t know of any places that sold them because they are only something grandmothers/mothers/sisters/etc. bake. lucky you. real potica made by a real slovenian! potica is basically a traditional holiday cake roll, with lots of walnuts and poppy seeds. you think. a detailed recipe to come later once you attempt it!


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Mmmhhh, that burek looks so tempting! that is one beautiful place. Very atmospheric!



shari berry bo-berry said...

oh my goodness...your photos and narrative and FOODS take me back to slovenia! i love it! thanks for sharing!