15 July 2010

the calm and uneventful beginning of a very chaotic trip

germany00some old photos. you’re enchanted with the idea of a search. and here begins the story of what happened along the way.

you finds yourself in the geology lab of georg-august-universitat göttingen. with an uruguayan. looking at rocks.

later you go rock climbing. your first time.

germany01and a simple dinner, with of course  german beer. even if you aren’t a big fan of beer, you don’t go to germany and not drink beer. period.

germany02sunday. not just any sunday…

germany02beaster sunday. which meant lots of stuff was closed. but thankfully, the city museum (städtisches museum göttingen) was open so you could keep warm and kill some time. and the kind lady there baked a cake for the few visitors that showed up.

germany03wood. can you believe it? you’re always fascinated by the ability to take a hard substance and sculpt it so it has an illusion of soft cloth.

germany04old german toys. and a globe.

germany05 another place actually open? the botanical gardens.

germany06but it’s still too cold…

germany07and the greenhouses have closed for the day! so you just peer through the windows.

a rather uneventful day. the next day…

germany08monday. but it’s still a national holiday. so again, things are closed and the city is empty.

germany09 so you take a walk in the forest. a very long walk to find a tower.

germany10and you find the tower, cleverly camouflaged in the forest. the day is not so nice, but you still have a nice view of the city.

germany10ayou walk back into town. and find a coffee shop that is actually open! hurray! a place to keep warm. you order a cherry muffin. but, there muffin is nothing like a muffin that you’re used to. first off, the wrapper is just a square piece of paper folded randomly. the cherries sink “into” the muffin on a bed of some sort of streusel topping. and there is also a hidden bottom layer of even more cherries as well. not the same. but it is a very good interpretation. you like the heavy emphasis on fruit.

pastries are indeed a good reflection of a culture!

germany11peeking into pastry windows, you find these lovely cakes and chocolate. the top right is called a “baumkuchen” aka, a tree cake. it is made by baking it thin layers at a time, so when you cut it open, it resembles the rings of a tree trunk.

germany12closed doors. open windows.

germany13you wander to the train station, because in europe that is the one place that you know never shuts down. and you gawk at the amount of bikes parked there. a sea of bicycles! and you become nostalgic for your old bike.

germany14the sun sets, and you head back.

germany15and you help prep dinner. a twist on an quichelike uruguayan specialty.

germany16while prepping… being easter weekend, of course there are egg related goodies.

germany17german bread. the bottom left one is called campingwecken, which, if you remember correctly, is a slightly sweet breakfast roll filled with raisins. the top left is called a käsebrötchen, which is exactly what it sounds like if you know some german: cheese bread. and for the others, you’ve forgotten…

germany18göttingen also has its own salt. giant coarse chunks of salty goodness. your host gifts a package to you, but you aren’t sure exactly where you put it…

germany18athe bread makes a come back! this time, with tea for some breakfast.

germany19you discover cron & lanz. presentation. taste. this place was spot on. you haven’t had cakes this good in a long while. and also… cheap. not cheap cheap, but compared to what you are used to paying for in paris of comparable quality, this place is a steal. so you make many trips to this place and find all sorts of excuses to buy cakes to share with people – just so you can taste as much as you can.

germany20a mini market. nothing too special,  but it’s here because you just love browsing the markets. even if you aren’t cooking, something about walking around in one always feels right.

germany21if it is one thing europeans know how to appreciate that americans don’t really, it’s curry. you love love curry. curry wurst. curry ketchup. curry this. curry beef. curry that. curry noodles??? perhaps most people aren’t so shocked and amazed by that… but you are. and you eat your non-indian style curry noodles happily.

yes, a random hodge podge of posts. but it’s always rather calm before a storm, isn’t it…?

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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

What a great trip! This place looks so peaceful. Your pictues are so beautiful and atmospheric.