25 July 2010

évreux. precious, precious évreux.

evbreak01to be back in france. finally. you say hello to those sunrises that you haven’t seen for the past two weeks as you walk to your 7am bakery stage.

evbreak02you’re also constantly greeted by the intense blooms of cherry blossoms. you’ve never seen them before. you know they exist in washington d.c. and in japan, and to finally see them just makes everything so much better. you really enjoy your walks around evreux now.

evbreak03and the best part about going back to évreux is you get to hang out with some people you haven’t seen for two whole weeks!

what an amazing bunch. you miss them so much.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

It seems that you had a great time in Evreux.



Sara Louise said...

Beautiful photos! I adore cherry blossoms :-)