16 July 2010

hannoversch münden

germany38another day, another day trip. this time to hann. münden, short for hannoversch münden. an absolute gem. with houses as old as 600 years old!

germany39you dare say it is the most beautiful (even if it is an overused word) city you’ve ever visited.

germany41what makes this random unknown town of 25k people a gem? many cities in europe are already stunning with their sense of history.

germany45your theory is that retailers destroy all that effort. you know, when there’s a nice building but you’re distracted by that glowing yellow M. or those easels in the sidewalk that have arrows pointing you to a shop. or with bright red posters that say “SOLDES SOLDES SOLDES.” you’re forced to look at those things because your eyes cannot physically ignore them.

germany42 but not in hann. münden. the retailers blend in with the architecture. and so you can wander around, and really do feel as if you are in 1400 and not 2010…

for example, look at this restaurant. can you even tell it’s a restaurant? it isn’t screaming at you to come in and eat. instead, it’s subtle – the little menu cards on the tables are enough to let people know that they are here for business. and they haven’t sacrificed a bit of the architecture. in fact, they’ve even enhanced it with the painting on the windows.

germany49a town cannot look this nice without residents who care. just look. nothing is here by accident – there are people who make sure their town looks nice.

germany43and of course they have their own river. in fact, three rivers that join here. which explains why the town is so nice: historically, the residents here were rich because this town controlled the river where all merchants had to pass through. so what to do with all that money… build nice houses to know off your wealth.

germany44you make your usual pit stop in a museum.

germany40lunch break. a handwritten menu is a sure sign of good food. lots of meat, typical german. and the potatoes. this is where the germans are king. you don’t know their secret. but for the 2nd time in a row, the best potatoes you’ve ever had have come from germany. and that’s the only thing you dream about when you dream about german food… their potatoes! so new goal: learn the secret to what germans do to their potatoes.

germany45if you remember correctly, you learn that the houses here were sold cheaply to residents in the sixties on one condition: that they take care of them. so everything is hand painted and hand restored by people eager to make their town beautiful. and who are proud of the buildings they live in. each building has the original date inscribed as well as the date that it was restored, so you do a lot of math when you’re admiring these houses.

germany46and at the town hall, the clock gives a little show a few times a day. if you’re lucky, that bench right there is empty and you can sit down and enjoy the show.

germany48a resident tells you that there used to be a factory here on the river that made bullets for guns. the water was used to cool the lead when making shot. but after world war II, for obvious reasons, they stopped. and instead they became a manufacturer for aluminum foil.

unfortunately you don’t take notes, and 3 months have passed, so you could be very wrong here. the only thing you are sure of is the aluminum foil.

ok, end of the short history story!

germany50you head back to gottingen and make a quick pastry pit stop at cron & lanz…. a slice of the “baumkuchen” you talked about earlier. layers and layers of cake.

germany51it does not get much better than this. looks, tastes – it has it all. just so well designed – a bit like those buildings, no?

germany52and you finish off with savory… hmm, well, you aren’t sure of the word in english. two pieces of puff pastry filled with a tomato sauce, cured meat, cheese, and tomatoes. delicious, and as always, a perfect way to end the day.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Nice details, awesome clicks, beautiful place and scrumptious food! Life can't get any better!



Me lo pongo todo said...

Beautiful pictures.

cathy said...

thank you :)!