18 July 2010

in der wohnung, in die mensa, in der stadt, im zug… your german is coming back, but perhaps not correctly

germany53your host has a great collection of books. and a good collection of bookmarks as well.

germany54can’t ever go wrong with the purple + yellow combination.

germany55or the wooden shelves + glass jar + metal tin combination

germany55aok, here is highlight #1 of the day. food, not so appetizing. it’s okay. but it’s also AMAZING because…

germany56you’re eating in die mensa. that’s right. the university cafeteria!! cultural differences galore! “in die mensa” was one of your favorite phrases when you were learning german.

germany56bjust look! lighted signs. flat screen menus. sparkly clean.

germany57unlike the mensas  in america, it is not a buffet here. you pay for what you grab. so no food is wasted and no unnecessary pounds are gained.

germany58too many choices. you’re overwhelmed.

germany59and your favorite is the spice section. in the america cafeteria, one finds giant containers of ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard. here, it’s giant containers of krautersalz, paprika, curry, and all sorts of delicious spices.

germany60after that fun little excursion, you have some coffee outside and people watch and enjoy the cherry blossoms.

germany61with the help of a telephone book, you do end up finding and meeting those long lost family friends. the same house. the same people. just about 35 years older. and they have a granddaughter your age!

germany62you go for a walk. and sometimes, the more simple the walk, the more stunning it is.

germany63you catch up with the people in the photos over some kiwis, red peppers, some sort of meat, and quark. an interesting combination. but it’s a bit surreal seeing the people in the photo move, talk, and just be real. you learn about what has happened since the last time they left taiwan. and the story only becomes more interesting as you hear new details.

germany64next morning, you catch a train to ljubljana in slovenia… but before you go, you buy some wood-fired bread.

germany65you say goodbye to the most-kissed girl in the entire world. the Gänseliesel (literally geese girl), traditionally is kissed when one receives their doctorate diploma from gottingen university. unfortunately, the real one is in the city museum because someone once decapitated her! so you are really saying goodbye to the replica.

germanyoraustriaan eight hour train ride. but the views are stunning.

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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Wow, that is a big cafeteria! The students are lucky to have quality food... Another lovely post.