28 July 2010

le 30 avril – le dernier jour comme une assistante [april 30th – the last day as an assistant]

the last day of class. not for the kids – they still have 2 more months. but for you. the end of your contract

your one-way flight to texas is on may 11th. the next 11 days are going to fly. but today, you won’t think about that. instead you’ll treat april 30th like any other normal day.

yearbook02first one of your students gives you some lilacs from a tree in her backyard.

while you are familiar with the color lilac, you’ve never smelled it. and you become obsessed. the smell is nothing like lavender, which you associate together because of the color. instead, lilac is something that smells so light and refreshing that you spend the rest of the day with your nose buried in this bunch.

you notice this table set up.

and this table too.

hmmm… what is all that for?

oh yes. they are throwing you a little goodbye party, complete with homemade baked goods!

you do love your students. they are a wonderful bunch and you wish them the best because you aren’t sure if you’ll be their assistant next year.

yearbook01back at the foyer. making yearbooks is hard work. getting people to fill out forms with their addresses, names, numbers, etc. is tough. you pester people constantly to get them to spend a few minutes to write. they may hate you… but they will love you in the end when they see the finished book! you’ve also secretly razed down a forest printing these… shh.

hand binding 40 of these is work. work requires a break.

you’re not a smoker, so that leaves only one type of break:

dinner break!

best lunchesyou’ve eaten great stuff in europe. maybe not any three star restaurants, but it has been good.

however, the best meals have always been the ones where you and a friend combine fridges and make a meal based on whatever is in there.

“i’ve got mustard!”

“ohhhh i’ve got some slices of ham somewhere there too”

“and i went to cora and got some cheese today!”

“i’ve got half a baguette leftover from breakfast somewhere in my room” (everybody always has half a baguette somewhere.)

“oh! i think i still have some of that tapenade from a few weeks ago, it’s real good and you have got to try it.”

etc. and then you just pile all the goods on the table and dig in, eating whatever is there and discovering new combinations.

yearbook03after dinner, you grab your purse and head out with your friends to go to a concert.

yearbook04while waiting for it to begin, you  kill time by… standing around and chatting.

good conversations. happy moments. lots of silly photos. a perfect way to finish off your year as a teaching assistant.

and the other nice thing about france is being able to stand around and drink alcohol in public spaces. so refreshing, because you have to hide that stuff with a koozie in texas. here it’s just normal and a part of life.

night falls. tomorrow – off to paris, then beauvais, and then, portugal.

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Lizounette said...

Smorgasbord nights are definitely the best. I can't wait until your full Portugal post!