27 July 2010

le petit-dejeuner au foyer

pdej01you live on the east side of the foyer. so every morning you fling open your windows to see what surprise the sun has for you.

pdej02today there isn’t an amazing sunrise. but it’s still a nice to wake up to.

pdej03now that it’s spring, you venture downstairs for the foyer breakfast. most of the time you eat in your room, because you prefer eating in your pajamas, plus… the breakfast food isn’t that good.

you really just show up for the company – because that’s always good.

pdej04it’s not awful. but when you’re a foreigner who only has 9 months to taste the things of france, stuff like this isn’t going to cut it. you want the baguette de tradition. you want the good brand of jams. you want that yogurt from the market made by the farmer just on the outskirts of town. none of this industrial stuff – again, it’s not bad, but if you’ve only got a few months, you definitely want to taste the stuff that you can’t get back home!

pdej05anyway, there’s the usual selection of teas, coffee, milk, hot chocolate, water, orange juice. and cereal – plain, sugared, or with fruits.

pdej06and when you do show up for breakfast, you get to hang out with people who don’t want their photo taken. understandable. but your intention wasn’t the person, honest! you just wanted to make a photo of their typical breakfast.

pdej07see, this person understands. some more choices: applesauce, some jam filled cake (again, you’d never eat that when there is a bakery just 15 min away…), and more yogurt and orange juice.

though, lots of people do grab the stuff and eat it for snacks for later, so it isn’t always just for breakfast.

pdej08 everybody always grabs a knife. to slice the baguette in half, of course, and to spread their choice of jam, butter, or hazelnut spread on it.

pdej09 rarely is the baguette not dunked.

pdej10or the croissant for that matter.

pdej11whatever your choice, one thing is sure: a proper french breakfast is never crumb free.

ah. you enjoy being in evreux, where it feels like a vacation from vacation. traveling is hard work, and you need these pit stops in evreux to rest and relax.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A lovely breakfast!



Mel from Evreux said...

Oh Cathy !
Même le petit déjeuner du fjt tu arrives à le sublimer ! tu es vraiment extraordinaire ! je t'embrasse fort (bisous ébrïcien!) Tu reviens quand ? ;-)

cathy said...

oh mel!!!!!!!!
TU ME MANQUES. beaucoup. beaucoup.
je me demande le même question que toi - je reviens quand!? je sais pas, mais ne t'inquiète pas, quand je le saurai, tu auras les nouvelles tout suite.

bisous!! <3

frances said...

Cathy! Tu sais j'aime bien etre ton top-model mais il me faut une demi heure pour me reveiller le matin :S J'adore tes photos de la boulangerie... et Melanie a raison, tu arrives à rendre meme le p'dej FJT appétissant. bisous bisous xx

cathy said...

@frances: je sais je sais! parce que j'ai beaucoup de photos magnifiquea de toi, mais le jour la mon but etait ton croissant pas ton beau visage :) tu me manques aussi.