22 July 2010

museum day

slovenia57last full day in ljubljana. because you saved the last day for the coast. tomorrow. you’re hoping for good weather, which is why you’ve made the trip to the coast your last stop.

so today you finish off ljubljana by visiting musems and just doing nothing except enjoy the city.

slovenia58you start off at the ethnographic museum, which is a fascinating museum dedicated to the history and culture of slovenians and other cultures of the world. it also has an exhibition (first photo) of sculptures by a slovenian artist.

and here you discover a slovenian folk take you love. you love it so much you even draw it. the museum has a children section, so you borrow some colored pencils for a few minutes…

journ-01 (heavily condensed and paraphrased by me)

there was once a young shepherd who adored looking at the clouds as he watched his sheep.

this made the cloud goddess happy. very happy.

so she gave him a cloud, and he tied it to his arm with a piece of string.

when the sun shone, he found shade under his own personal cloud.

journ-02when he was thirsty, he drank the raindrops that fell from under the cloud.

and when he wanted to travel, he hopped on top and flew all over the world.

fall came, and the cloud turned brown.

winter came, and the cloud turned into snow.

journ-03so the shepherd boy was left with the thread of the memories he had with the cloud.

it’s rare that something (non edible) resonates strongly with you. so a big thumbs up to the museum for having that!

slovenia59skies are blue. you kind of wished the weather had reversed itself for bled and today. but how could you have known?

slovenia60slightly sick of eating so much, you need some simple food. so off to the grocery store to buy slovenian cheese, bread, meat, and salad!

slovenia61and it’s a good thing you aren’t a shoplifter, because when you arrive home and unwrap the cheese, you find a magnetic anti-theft strip! only in europe is cheese good enough to be shoplifted… you won’t find cheese being protected like that in america.

in the end, not a very exciting day. but that’s fine because you needed a bit of a break from traveling.

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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A nice day! I love your pictures!