07 July 2010

a quiet sunday in antwerp

antwerp18sunrise. a full day to explore antwerp before you have to jet back to evreux.

antwerp19morning = quiet = empty = you get the entire city to yourself.

antwerp20of course the line at the bakery was full of people, and for good reason too. a “baguette” filled with all sorts of nuts and dried fruit that you didn’t write down.

antwerp21nothing is open, but there is still plenty to see.

antwerp22an empty street. you spot this vending machine. hmm, what could it possible selling…? and some of these words look a bit familiar…. granen… grain? groot…gross… big? zwarte… schwarz… black…? wit… weiss… white…? woud… wood fired oven?

and you realize you should also start re-focusing on german again.

antwerp23you take a step back. but the glare in the window is blocking you from seeing. so you move closer.

antwerp24it is! it is! it is! it’s a vending machine for fresh bread! it makes your day because you can get bread at whatever hour you crave it! and you’re not even in japan.

antwerp25closed and more than likely out of your budget. but you peek in the windows anyway.

antwerp26you’ve got your sundays covered in europe – always save ‘em for museums because everything else is closed + not much else to do + avoid any cold weather. in antwerp, it’s M HKA, a contemporary art museum. and you love this piece because of it’s layering and rounded corners.

antwerp27slides! makes you think of a certain person who collects these slowly-going-extinct beauties.

*antwerp also has a great photo museum next to M HKA that you visited but weren’t in the mood to make photos.

antwerp28black lace. at the fashion museum.

antwerp29by limiting the color palate to just black, things only became more and more creative. and the antwerp fashion museum gets extra hearts from me because they allowed cameras.

antwerp30and sometimes, you don’t have to go into a museum to find art. lots of it on walls (or rather, drilled into walls) and of course occurring naturally.

antwerp31you can’t explain why, but you really like this light. so that’s why it appears in your journal.

antwerp32sunset. time to head back and wake up for a 5am bus ride back to evreux. because you do have a job to show up to. and to prep for yet another trip. always fun!


donna said...

love the light....it looks like it is hugging the pole!

cathy said...

how true! it's hugging, which is something i missed very much in europe because everyone prefers the kiss.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

That fresh bread vending machine is awesome! I've never seen any here...