07 July 2010

the torch, the scrap metal, and the re-inspired girl

torch015pm. work ends. 6pm. rock climbing. 7pm. dinner. 9pm. chocolate cookies with a hidden chocolate core. 9:30pm. roasted potatoes and veggies and onions and zucchini for lunch. 10pm. the backyard. with a torch. and a piece of scrap silver. and a girl who is jumping out of her not-in-europe slump.

essentially, ever since may 11th, i’ve been going through france withdrawal pretty badly. i’ve tried to alleviate it with visits to friends, intense cooking, photography, work, rock climbing, and a billion other activities. but the fact remains that i’m not in europe and it will be based on complete luck if i am renewed as an assistant.

well. come september, and i find out i am not renewed… then what? no. i’m going to move forward now so i’ll have lots of opportunities this fall. jobs, volunteering, whatever – and of course, art. no studio? no tools? no space? no excuses. as long as i want to make my work, it’s gonna happen. i’ll worry about practical things later.

so that is why at 10:30pm i found myself in the hot humid texas night playing with fire…

torch02and i proved my hypothesis: i can melt small amounts of metal with a small propane torch. which right there, that saves me a few hundred dollars from investing in gas tanks and expensive torchheads.

torch03so now i know i can solder in my backyard. next one: figuring out how to manipulate silver rod without any hammers or mandrels or anvils.

and i’m happy to bring back my handwriting. how i’ve missed seeing it in this journal!


donna said...

we artists are restless souls, eh?

Ann McNair said...

Cathy--I am in suspense about your renewal! I can't wait to hear about it. I love the energy with which you are approaching art and life! I hope you'll keep me posted and let me know if I can be of any assistance.

cathy said...

@donna: always!
@ann: will definitely do! i'll be sure to stop by when i make a trip down to austin :)