19 July 2010

wanderings through ljubljana

slovenia08the day starts off foggy. not a good sign. you cross your fingers and hope you won’t need an umbrella.

slovenia09the ljubljanica. a quiet but very intense green river.

slovenia10sunday! lucky you. it’s flea market day. here you discover the photo album you’ve been craving since the flea market in ghent. but this time, 100x better and 100x cheaper as well. coming soon.

slovenia11and again with ghent, you are constantly attracted to to do lists.

you really are enamored with flea markets.

anybody have a suggestion for another city with wonderful flea markets…?

slovenia12the flea market is held right by the river. and out of nowhere, it begins to pour and hail. no photos because you hide your camera at the first sign of h20.

slovenia13you duck into the nearest restaurant for some slovenian food.

some ričet, which is a barely porridge with beans, potatoes, and pork.

and jorda, which is basically sauerkraut, beans, potatoes, and meat.

of course a coffee to finish it off!

heavy hearty stuff. unfortunately, you really aren’t that athletic to need all that…

slovenia14the sun comes out, and you continue wandering! that shade of green is slovenia’s pride because of how much of their country is covered in forests – so this color is constantly popping up everywhere. and you don’t mind, because it makes everything just pop.

slovenia15it’s always beautiful after a rain storm.

slovenia16regardless of the nice weather, you still duck inside a museum. just look at how playful it is!

slovenia17it’s filled with geological maps.

slovenia18 as well as lots of taxidermy of native species.

slovenia19then you climb up to a castle for a view of the city. later on you realize that it’s pretty difficult to find a city in slovenia that doesn’t have a castle.

slovenia20the symbol of ljubljana is the dragon, and they have the reputation that one can never find a person not taking a photo of them. you are no exception. click click!

slovenia21 the sun sets…

slovenia22which means time for dessert. you eat a kremšnita (bled cream cake). which you shouldn’t have, because it’s actually a specialty of bled, where you are going tomorrow, and where you should actually eat it. but you didn’t know.

slovenia23and you end the night looking at some late night building art/graffiti in the “alternative” area of ljubljana.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

What a beautiful place! So romantic looking. That cream cake must have been heavenly!



Jennifer said...

I cannot begin to tell you how inspiring your photos and stories of your travels are! Makes me feel like I was right there with you along the journey! Beautiful!

cathy said...

@rosa: like so many desserts.... yes! always. how can one resist the taste of heaen?

@jennifer: i am glad you enjoy them :) nothing makes me happier than being able to share all the stuff i see!