18 August 2010

blue skies

smu30abreakfast with the french bread. yes, the same bread you hand carried from france went on a road trip and was enjoyed by many. many who have never been to france but now have the opportunity to taste real french bread.

smu32now, these are the skies you like. and when in a city, they come with electrical towers. no avoiding them….

smu34ethnic food. vietnamese food. ooooh oh. houston has the second largest population of vietnamese-americans, so you know the good stuff is here.

smu35mmmmm. you’re with friends. so you let them order, and you do all the eating. it’s nice not to have to worry about if something will taste good because they’ve already found the best stuff for you.

smu37and the latest asian fad, after the entire fro-yo craze, is the shaved ice with condensed milk with fruit with ice cream craze.

it’s good. but you prefer the taiwanese version. which you haven’t had in over 1.5 years… perhaps soon you’ll have a taste.

smu39you forget what you do during the day. but at night, you switch to a new host: one of your best friends that you’ve known since seventh grade. and what else do you eat, except, of course, mexican food! you know it’s good when a) there is a very shady back entrance and b) your friend is mexican and she approves.

actually b) is really the ultimate test. if the mexicans approve, then you needn’t worry.

smu40the next day you show some love by making some mini palmiers. you cheat, because you buy the dough. your justification is that you bought the good brand with nothing but flour and butter in it. it ends up delicious, so it’s all game.

smu41hmm. looking at these photos, it looks like all you did was eat. but try going nine months without certain types of food, and the result will probably be the same for anybody!

you go here because it’s called this is it. it’s soul food. lots of mashed potatoes, creamed corn, gravy, chicken, macaroni & cheese, fried okra, cornbread… southern comfort food. also you want to come here because it’s apparently one of beyonce’s favorite places to eat so your curiosity was piqued.

smu42your friend drives. and you aren’t sure what you said that was so funny, but you love the moments like these where you are both laughing over something you can’t remember. simple but happy moments.

smu43she opens up the sunroof for you so you can gaze at the houston sky. power lines are definitely an essential for the american city landscape.

smu44you head back to her apartment.

some random photos.

you hop in your car.

a hug goodbye. no kisses here in america.

and go west.

smu49 toward austin. your favorite texan city.

smu50it used to be that you hated the 3-4 hour drives between cities. hours of nothingness, you thought.

smu51but not anymore. you now love the texas countryside.

smu52its so true how you can take stuff for granted. and then realize how important it really is to you.

smu53you now love these drives because it shows you just how beautiful texas can be when you’re far from the city.

(you also note one thing interesting about the texas sky that you didn’t notice before: as the sun sets, the clouds tend to disappear, which in turn create not-very-dramatic sunsets. which is probably why you loved sunsets in normandy, because those clouds always stayed put for intense sunsets. but in texas, the clouds seem to thin out as the sun vanishes… why?)

smu54long past the end of the sunset, you finally arrive in austin. the capital. the very first city where you starting to grow. and here you are, back again.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Gorgeous blue skies and fabulous food! I love travelling and looking out of the window...



cathy said...

:) glad you like it!
windows are indeed great.

christelle is flabbergasting said...

I love your dramatic skies! Et j'adore les nuages !!