06 August 2010


road14 you wake up to the scent of lilacs.

road15and to the smell of baguettes being toasted.

road16and the taste of hot chocolate, pain au chocolat, and strawberries.

breakfast in france = always good.

road17finally. spring. the colors have arrived!

road18you drive past this, just to pause and look. and then you’re off to the little town of dinan.

road19here, you look at the old buildings. eat crepes. peek into windows.

road20of course there’s the always obligatory visit to a church. can’t visit a city/town/village/etc. without entering one of these for at least a few minutes.

road21but you wonder what this netting is for…?

road22purple + yellow = always a good combination.

road23you also peek into a craft supply shop. beads, ribbons, buttons – all in nice jars, which you can’t resist making a quick photo.

road24la bretagne is where you come to eat a kouign amann. butter, butter, and more butter. and at the end, very sticky fingers.

afterwards you have a long walk uphill to get back to the car. i suppose that’s the only way to work off the french kilos!

road25keep going… you can make it, just take it one step at a time. once you conquer the hills and make it to the car, you head to your next stop.

road26which is none other than st. malo. while it’s very famous for it’s walled port city… you know it because you met a breton from there who is very proud of his region, so there is no way you won’t know where st. malo is after meeting him. plus there is a great yogurt company here called st. malo. and they have some of the best retro packaging ever – look for it next time you’re in a yogurt aisle in france.

road35just look at the difference in boat sizes.

road27too cold to swim, but not too cold to dig your feet into the sand.

road28you wonder what these giant logs are doing on the beach, and your friend explains that when there are large waves, these logs help break them up and lessen the impact.

road29you climb up the walls, walk around.

road30and when you’re ready for lunch, you eat one thing, and one thing only: crepes!  sweet and savory. with cider. just one of those things you have to do in brittany.

road31after lunch, you don’t really do anything super exciting except just enjoy being where you are.

road32 being with your friends.

road33being able to spend your last weekend here.

road34being able to see the clouds you love so much.

road36and you return to the house, where the fireplace is lit because it’s cold (and it’s may! not possible, ever, in texas to have a fireplace lit in may) and a chicken is roasted and wine is poured and dinner is served.

you chat. joke. laugh. tell stories. fall asleep. and dream about your last sunday in france.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Those are splendid shots!



Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Fabulous photos...I long to go back to France. I have many happy memories there. Your photos make my heart sing!

Lizounette said...

you are so talented, cathy! I just love reading and looking at your work. I think you could easily assemble a postcard photobook of france, and if you did I would definitely buy a copy!

cathy said...

all your words mean so much to me, even if i am bad at responding to comments.

thank you <3

and the more i am posting these photos, the greater the desier and the antsier i become about the return or non return to france this fall.

but i'll find a way back eventually.


donna said...

if wishing does work...i wish you back to france.....for your sake....and mine...as i just adore your blog!