04 August 2010

from lisbon –> porto –> beauvais –> paris –> evreux-> bretagne in one day

port69in lisbon, the vibe is completely different. while porto felt very european, lisbon is a giant melting pots from people all over. especially brazil. so naturally there is a place called café a brasileira. you have breakfast, and move on…

port70quick peek into a church.

port71and a long long long walk to find the entrance to the botanical gardens. and when you do find it, your friend is a bit disappointed because there weren’t a lot of flowers.

but all that walking has made you grouchy. and there’s only one solution for that.

port72food + eating outdoors = all it takes to recharge.

port73once the belly is satisfied, exploring can continue.

port74something in the window catches your eye. it’s jewelry. but, it’s different. it looks… thought out. planned. like there is something more to it than looking pretty. intrigued, you step into the store. and you discover it’s a studio/gallery space for art jewelry.

port75you chit-chat with the lady there and she lets you look through the collection of unique pieces. drawer after drawer, a never ending source of inspiration.

port76 presentation is always key.

port77you discover tons of postcards and brochures, and she happily gives them to you. then you mail them to your former metals professor because you know she’s always collecting cards with work.

port78and then you stumble upon some sort of art opening. performances are going on, drinks are being served, people are looking – some things just are the same, regardless of culture.

port79you had back to the apartment. and say goodbye. the stay in lisbon was too short…

then, you take a 4 hour nap on a bus back to porto. meet up with a friend, say goodbye, and head to the airport – at 1 am.

port80yes. 1 am. for a 6am flight. you try to sleep, but it is unbelievably cold and the chairs are also unbelievably uncomfortable. so with nothing else to do, you wander around playing with the camera.

port81it’s actually a bit eerie. to see a place that is normally busy silent and empty and dim makes you look at airports in a different way.

but you do make it to 6am, somehow. board your flight. take a bus to paris that decided to run late. have the most hectic return to evreux because practically all the trains were cancelled – until you decide to disregard the cancellation notices and show up anyway at gare st. lazare, where miraculously, as you had secretly hoped, some trains were re-added.

sometimes, wishing does work.

and you make it back to evreux.

but not for long.

because once you arrive, you start packing the moment you also start unpacking.

carand you find yourself in a car on a 4 hour road trip to la bretagne. (or in english, brittany – the region just to the left of normandy)

at this point, there’s only five more days left in france…


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

beautiful and dreamlike, as always!



Mandarina said...

I love your pictures! So beauti, so wonderful... :)