14 August 2010

inspiration: michel ocelot

azuasmar01it’s been a while since i’ve posted one of these – just images of what is inspiring me at the moment.

azuasmar02currently it’s anything michel ocelot.

azurasmar03but more specifically, azur et asmar, a 2006 film by him.

azurasmar04first fell in love with his princes et princesses film in austin, and then kirikou in france, and now azur et asmar in dallas.

azurasmar05aside from the fact that i love fables and fairytales, i just love his visual style.

azurasmar06the patterns. the colors.

azurasmar07even the pastries don’t escape my eye.

azurasmar08this is my summer: lots of movie watching and book reading.

azurasmar09because of this film, i want to read one thousand and one nights.

azurasmar10running out of words, so i’ll just let the rest of the images speak for themselves. hope you are having a nice saturday!

azurasmar11 azurasmar12 azurasmar13 azurasmar14 azurasmar15 azurasmar16 azurasmar17


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Beautiful and inspiring!



Anonymous said...

i absolutely LOVED princes et princesses, you have just reminded me of how i managed to miss all his films each time they were screened. I love michel ocelot...
beautiful photos as always on your blog!

cathy said...

:) glad i am not the only one who adores him!