08 August 2010

the last day

f01the last day… yes. it arrives. le dix mai. tomorrow you’re on a plane. today you enjoy as much of evreux as you can.

f02which begins as you walk to school. that’s right. you’re making your final goodbyes. but you decide to stop by the bakery first to say your final goodbyes there. and there, your path takes a detour. because the boulanger invites you chez lui. his place. in the countryside. with goats. chickens. a dog. his wife. his children. you’re invited.

oooooooooh. to say goodbye to your students… or to see the countryside of evreux? you hesitate for a split second. you decide you’ll just send your kids a postcard. you love them, but you’ve been wanting to see the countryside since day one in evreux.

and you aren’t going to let this opportunity pass.

f03here, he introduces you to his way of life. he is a boy from the countryside, and you learn so much. for example, he believes lawnmowers are a waste of space and energy. he prefers to have sheep to eat his grass. and eggs? straight from his own hens, and he leaves decoy eggs so that the hens will lay them in the correct spot.

what’s growing there? and here? and what is that? he explains everything. suddenly, the landscapes you’ve been admiring all year begins to make sense as you can now differentiate between wheat and barley. between this grass and that flower. between the style of that house there and this house here. you begin to understand the countryside, which a step forward from admiring.

f04he says he wishes you can come back, because when you do, he’ll cook a geese and let you taste what a good french meal actually tastes like.

f05but in the meantime, he prepares two eggs, sunny-side up. a chicken egg, and a goose egg.

f06and with the bread that he made (of course), it’s snack time. he tells you to butter up the bread and dip it into the egg. and then reprimands you when you don’t put enough butter, and proceeds to butter the baguette properly.

sprinkle of fleur de sel.

and… amazing. you might be guilty of overusing the word amazing, but oh well. a super simple snack. but with such honest ingredients. and you’ve never tasted anything like it. perhaps another overused phrase.

f07after that, he shows horses. not his, but his neighbor’s. you pet the horses, and wish that you don’t have to leave this spot…

but the next part is your favorite.

f08a field of nothing but sheep. your favorite animal in france.

because sheep say “baaaaaaaaah!”

and french people say “baaaaaaaaaaah-oui”

so to finally see an entire field of them…. perfect.

oh, but it gets even more perfect.

f09evreux is situated between two valleys. so you rarely can see the sky – there is always a building or a tree or just something blocking your view.

but the boulanger knows the way. he knows where to go to get a birds eye view of the city. pity the weather was bad. had you know about this spot before, you would have forced lots of friends to drive you here. here, a full view! with nothing to block the sky. oh, how ironic is it that you finally found your perfect on the last day? but it’s better than never knowing about it. at least, when you return, you’ll know. and you’ll watch amazing sunsets and sunrises from this spot. you will. you have to.

f10and you get the best goodbye present ever… the largest piece of bread to ever cross the atlantic, hand carried by none other than yourself.

f11and after all that fun, you have your final dinner with about fifteen of your favorite people. for your last dinner, of course you have to eat the camembert salad. you began france with it, and now you’re going to end with it as well.

lots of kisses, lots of hugs, lots of tears, lots of photos, lots of words, lots of see you laters but not one goodbye.

and that is the end.

of chapter one, anyway. you’ve no idea when or where chapter two will be, but you’re excited for it to finally start once summer is over.


Lizounette said...

What a farewell fairytale! Simply fabulous.

fanny said...

you look too cute with that giant loaf. x

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I hate last days... Cute goats and great loaf!



donna said...

what a pretty little city evreux is....just charming.....

cathy said...

thank you everybody xx
i am a bit sad to not have anymore european adventures to share for now.

it will just be a little pause.

and i shall explore texas :)

and my cookbooks. lots of goodies there!


Athenes Kiss said...

Nice shots ;)
Of course franch baking is the best (i'm french :p)

christelle is flabbergasting said...

So this is the end of your adventures in Evreux! But it doesn't mean that you can't explore Austin! I am sure you can give us the best of the city through your blog! And, oh, I know, I repeat myself but I LOVE your pictures too!

PLUS, now you're closer to Montreal ;)