05 August 2010

on the road

road01ah, cloudy normandy.

sometimes you are tempted to trade it for sunny places.

but you know no matter how much you chase the sun, your heart will always be stuck in cloudy normandy.

but this time, you’re going on a short trip to an equally cloudy, and perhaps even rainier, place: la bretagne.  one of the proudest regions in france, due to the fact that they never really had any culture tug-of-wars and so were always clear about who they were. they love everything about their region. the ocean, their music, their food, their language, their way of life. but especially their pride.

so immediately after returning from portugal, you have a friend who has a friend who has a house in la campagne. the countryside. in brittany. so into a car, and hop!

road02the gals knit. one english, and one new yorkian. one texan, not knitting. and one frenchie, driving. but he’s from pays de la loire. and you’re not sure if they even have something to call themselves.

but anyway, later on that weekend, the gang will be joined by une normande  and un breton. and that will be interesting because they have lots of cultural rivalry.

road03you stop in the city of caen, the capital of lower normandy to pause and eat.

and what do you eat in this lovely city?

road04a pique-nique! as usual, just lots of bread, butter, and whatever else tastes good.

road05you run off to watch the sunset. and it sets perfectly, as usual.

road06the picnic site happened to be next to a cathedral. so since you’re already there, why not take a walk?

road07there isn’t much, but you do find a little memorial to canadian soldiers. remember, caen is close to the normandy coast.

road08the cathedral may be closed but there’s plenty to see on the outside.

road09the lights flick on, but you’re shooed away by someone who works there because the grounds are supposed to be closed and you were only there because the gates were accidently left open. oops! well, you had finished exploring already, so it was fine.

road10one last look at caen.

road11and on the road again.

road12you arrive! and the house is freezing. so someone smart makes hot chocolate. and she also had leftover chocolate cake that she baked for her last day of class. midnight snack in a house in brittany. cold, but perfect.

road13and so the planning for tomorrow begins.

bonne nuit!

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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I'd love to see Brittany! A great trip, as usual.