21 August 2010

one example of how to spend a nice day in austin

smu68looks like the blue skies vanished.

but the nice thing is that regardless of how cloudy it is, there is always plenty of sun.

smu69garage sales! something you never saw in france. where you people just spread out everything on their front lawn that they don’t want for dirt cheap.

smu71and then you visit a farm. yes, there is a little farm in (or close?) to austin. boggy creek is the name.

smu72plenty of tasty things to buy and eat.

smu73and you get a peek at some figs. just a few more weeks and they’ll be ready…! you can hardly wait.

smu74the chickens look happy. and the blackberries are already gone.

smu76you’re pretty sure this bbq place must be good – just look at it! the more run down, the better – at least that is what instinct says.

smu77look familiar? same drive, but just in the day time.

smu78two towers – the university tower, and the eiffel tower. all in one city!

smu79from the farm you hop to the farmer’s market. every saturday morning. you miss the days when you used to bike to it… but better than not being here at all!

smu81next trip to austin java. unfortunately it is still brunch time so you can’t order your favorite thing: any burger/sandwich with their honey wheat bread. that bread. is. something. else.

oh, and their mayonnaise is also something else.

but you settle for a poached egg. which is almost equally good.

smu82austin restaurants – whether on wheels or on cement, they’re always good.

smu84you always love going to south congress where tons of antique and thrift stores line the street.

smu83plus there is an old bonus of an old-fashioned candy store by the name of big top candy shop.

smu87more of those texas skies. looks as if it has cleared up just a bit!

smu88one thing unique to austin: the breakfast taco.

a taco. but for breakfast. with eggs, bacon, ham, potatoes…

it’s part of the culture here. in austin, there is no strict schedule, people tend to roll out of bed when they want. there isn’t this crazy energetic vibe that new york city has or the surf culture of california… it’s just very chill.

so when people get up, they’re hungry. and they want breakfast. but they also want tacos.

and honestly, is there a reason to not mix the two…?

oh, and you eat them for lunch or dinner or midnight snacks as well.

smu89you drive out a little bit up a hill to the outskirts.

smu90and you attend a concert. mother falcon is the name of the band, if you’re curious. what a perfect setting – on a hill, away from the city, a sunset, a picnic blanket, and of course the music.

smu91time for bed!

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A great place to eat and have a good time!