12 August 2010

one two and three

Back Cameraso, this summer hasn’t been my favorite, for obvious reasons. but i’ve come up with some random theories for happiness.

some people are happy when they’re in love with a person. some people are happy when they’re in love with their job. and some people are happy when they’re in love with their city.

i happen to be of the last group. well, at the moment at least. people wise, i can always connect with skype, cell phone, letters, postcards, emails, etc. for my job that i am not too crazy about, i always find a way to enjoy it so i am not completely miserable– i.e., i’ve learned that i can multitask by looking at lots of photography online while answering phone calls at the same time. that way i’m still doing something i like at the same time, which keeps me sane.

but the city part is what is most important to me. i have to be in a city i love. and unfortunately, dallas/fort worth is missing many crucial things that i need in a city. namely, public transport. as well as a very long list of other things that aren’t worth mentioning right now.

but i’ll wait until the end of august. and then i’m moving. to where? i have no idea. but we’ll see!

until then, i’ve got lots of stuff to keep me busy until then. one of them being some fun road trip photos that happened in may. and i think i will pull out the cookie molds from strasbourg and try my hand at making those speculoos cookies. or delving into a favorite cookbooks. or setting up that metals studio. or checking on the fruit i’m drying. or…. etc…. i may not be in love with the city, but i’m trying to do lots of other stuff that i do love!


Lizounette said...

So true- no public transport is a definite damper on CityLove. Hang in there though!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Yes, living in a place you love is very important!



donna said...

i understand your dallas feelings...i would have them too...i have a son visiting sydney aust. right now (i'm in So. Calif)...am anxious to hear what it is like....