22 August 2010

pastries, sunset, and a movie

smu92you decide to do brunch with a friend at watson’s fancy and staple. another reverse culture shock – the bakeries of america! taste, look, style – it’s all different.

smu94one example is the crossaintwich – which is a sandwich that uses a croissant as the bun. something unimaginable in france. but tasty!

smu95you aren’t sure why whoopie pies are suddenly popular again. and you don’t mind at all. perhaps macarons are just too french for the americans to go crazy for – we like our comfort desserts.

smu96cashews + chocolate + caramel + tart = happiness in the tummy.

smu97then you drive up to mt. bonnell. which is really a giant hill and not a mountain.

smu98you’re up high. but down below are where the mansions are. if you have a few million, you could live here.

smu99but you don’t. but does it make a difference? you still have access to such beautiful sights all around you.

smu99asuch as this.

smu99bor this. texas sunsets are really something, aren’t they?

smu99cand off to your favorite movie theater, the alamo drafthouse (honestly none of the imitations even come close to comparing) to watch a movie with friends.

and then you’re on the road again…


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Nice pastries and skies!



donna said...

love those sunsets!!! texas does do that "sky effect" thing well......

Galila said...

I HAVE TO KNOW- PLEASE TELL ME WHAT KIND OF CAMERA YOU ARE USING! These images are amazing and full of quality and i can't decide on which new camera to get for myself. I want the same quality your photos have so can you tell me what kind of camera you're using please? :)

cathy said...

Hi Galila!

I use a canon XSI (which i think is a 450D in europe) and a 28mm f/1.8 lens for most of my photos. Hope that helps and happy photographing!