07 August 2010

going to a place where time doesn’t exist

road37 everyone rolls out of bed late sunday  morning.

and so begins the fun of lunch preparation.

apparently assumed nobody else was going to buy baguettes, so suddenly the house ends up with about 8 baguettes… oh well, better to have too much than too little.

road38you, of course, are in charge of making dessert. strawberry charlottes it is!

road39 salmon and leeks in a cream sauce will be the plat principal.

road40and a salad to get the veggies in.

everyone is past full. clean up, pack up, and into the cars you go…

road41and you go to where you were two years ago.

where you first fell in love with the sheep.

where you discovered that it was indeed possibly that perhaps time doesn’t exist.

and where you found the motivation to find a way back to france…

le mont saint-michel.

road42the effect the mont saint-michel has on time is something you can’t explain. it doesn’t stop it, nor push it forward… it just transforms it.

you want to sink into the quicksand. and become stuck. and be forced to stay forever in france…

actually, realistically you wish another volcano would erupt and cancel all outgoing flights from europe… but that obviously didn’t happen.

road43as you walk away, you can’t think about how this is the perfect goodbye. surrounded by amazing people. in an enchanting area.

road44you’re treated to a most intense and gorgeous sunset. but you’re unable to make a photo since you’re in a moving car and the sun is setting on the driver’s side. oh well. what’s important is that the sunset is in your head. so even if you don’t have a photo, you can refer to the mental image of it as often as you like.

and to think, in two days, you’ll be on a plane. to texas. it can’t be real, can it?


Ancarol said...

i want a strawberry charlottes
i fall in love with your dessert YOU GREAT IN YOUR JOB FOR DESSERT.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Wonderful food and cute strawberry charlottes!