28 August 2010

trip to russia

russia0(photo used from here.)

it is a summer of limbo. i don’t know where i’m going or when. i know how – by plane. but that’s the only thing that is for sure.

while my body might be stuck in texas, my mind is definitely traveling. netflix. books. recipes.

and most recently, russia.

russia00 i discovered a goldmine. otherwise known as canon creative park.

russia01armed with a color printer, some sharp scissors, sticky glue, and lots of toothpicks i set off to see st basil’s catherdral, sans smoke.

russia02and it began to take shape.

russia03the entire time i couldn’t stop thinking about figs.

russia04perhaps my st. basil isn’t very perfect. but it’s better than not travelling, don’t you think?

russia05now that i’ve visited russia, where will i be going next…?

russia06and if you’re not into travelling, no worries, the goldmine is full of other things to visit. like cute little chipmunks.


donna said...

how about egypt?.....my girlfriend just left this morning for cairo.....a sphinx maybe?....love the idea...i travel to france everyday in one way or another

christelle is flabbergasting said...

Ahhaah ! I've been to Moscow ! An incredible trip through the Transsiberian train ! I HIGHLY recommend... Look at your St Basil's cathedral... so great! Cathy, you amaze me!!!