01 August 2010

walking and eating in porto

port09everybody has certain requirements when traveling. yours happens to be pastry tasting. your friend e’s happens to be the ocean. thankfully, both of you like each other’s respective preference.

port10you scout all the bakeries, and use all sorts of context clues to decide if the pastries will be good or not. and you are spot on with this bakery. the eye for good pastries is developed only by trial and error!

the puff pastry for the……. hmm, you did save your receipts with the pastry names, but as for where they are, that is an entirely different story.

oh well. you know they were good, and that’s what counts!

port11you search out a grocery store to prepare a pique-nique for the beach later. but you pause when you find this massive graduation ceremony going on in the city center. it brings you back to your own graduation ceremony – which was very nice with fireworks and guest speeches, but it didn’t have a concert!

port12you keep stumbling upon stuff you like. like a bird market.

port13or a photography museum where you want nothing than to play with all their old cameras.

port14and then, finally, the beach. the ocean. the sun. the waves. perfectly empty except for you and your friend and an old sunbather.

port15lunch is nothing but bread, deli meat, cheese, and strawberries. you nap while your friend goes swimming.

port16but the portuguese sunbather makes your friend stop swimming because rocks + waves are a dangerous combination. you’re both touched by the random care from a stranger.

port17then you just spend the afternoon walking along the coast for your other travel requirement: sunsets. pastries and sunsets are what you go nuts for when you travel.

port18oh yes, your friend’s other obligatory travel item: scented flowers. she’s crazy about flowers that smell nice, and so you both wander into the park as she seeks out les fleurs.

port19there’s always a lot to see outside of the busy city center.

port20walk, walk, walk. not particularly exciting, but you like these calm moments.

port21 the golden hour is approaching! so you scurry back to the beach.

port22your feet hurt because these aren’t sandy beaches. these are sharp pebble beaches. and you start the wait…

port23going, going, gone. you’re always happy to wait a few hours for those beautiful five minutes where the sun meets the edge of the ocean.

port24now that the sunset is out of the way, onto the next priority: dinner.

always good. here are some dining tips for portugal that you learned the hard way because you definitely didn’t research the eating customs before you came…

1. wine is served in .37cl bottles, not the glasses you are accustomed to in france. so prepared to become at least tipsy.

2. bread is not free. it costs about 1EUR if you want that basket. and if you travel with a french person, well, you will be forking over that eur because she can’t live without it.

3. you will be given lots and lots of free small appetizers before your meal… that are not free. you touch, you pay.

4. scout out the bacalhau and eat it. it’s codfish but the portuguese apparently have over a thousand methods for preparing this fish. either way, it plays such an important role in their cuisine so you should eat it as much as possible.

port255. of course always sample the desserts. there is always room for something sweet when traveling!

port266. make sure to walk back to where you’re staying at the end of night so you can even out those feelings of being uncomfortably full.


donna said...

always love the way you present your photos...i feel like i've taken a mimi-vacation......

donna said...

make that a mini-vacation!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A beautiful place with wonderful food!



cathy said...

glad i could help you a take mini vacation :)