20 August 2010

where the plans to be a tourist just goes straight out of the window

smu55you are back in austin. you had plans on being a tourist and doing touristy things: the university, sixth street, barton’s creek, barbeque, the drag………….. etc…… emphasis on the word plans

smu56but you can’t. it’s too different. it’s home. you want to do normal things. the library, the thrift stores, lunches with friends, coffee, grocery shopping… all your plans to follow your guidebook go out the window.

smu57also, summers in austin have this magical ability to just make you carefree and lazy. the students are all gone, and all everybody wants to do is just swim and drink.

smu58so that’s just what you do. nothing special or noteworthy. ice cream, photo booths, lazy talks.

and you realize, this isn’t really any different than how you travel, because what you love most is not the museums and the monuments, but just walking around and enjoying the actual city.

smu62ok, so you do do one touristy thing. the bats at congress bridge. essentially, there are millions of bats that live under this bridge, and at night they come out to eat – which is a sight to see as the bats take over the sky.

however, tonight the bats take their sweet time and you leave before you see the bats. oh well! next time.

but if you do decide to see the bats, keep in mind they’re only here in the summer – the moment it becomes cold, the bats are smart and migrate over to mexico.

but they always come back.

like yourself, you hope.

smu61your theory is that austin has a great night life because it’s too hot too do anything in the day.

smu63you take full advantage of being a passenger and enjoy really looking at austin instead of focusing on the road/safety/not hitting anything or anyone.

good public transit. that does not exist in texas. yet, you hope.

smu65until then, cars are the way to go.

smu66or even pedi-cabs. downtown, you can take a ride in a horse drawn carriage or a carriage powered by muscular calves – in other words, a cyclist.

or bike, or drive, or walk. whatever you prefer, plenty of options to enjoy the night.

up to you.

smu67and that is the end of a nothing-very-important-or-productive-day in austin! which is normal.

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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Nice to see Austin through your eyes... One of my friends lives there with her Swiss husband (http://www.insearchofdessert.com/).