18 September 2010

the update

bamboolet me unofficially end the summer of suspense.

i am unofficially going back to france.

and the reason why i am saying unofficially is because i get to play with french bureaucracy and i don’t want to jinx myself.

so while i have an email confirming my acceptance of a renewing as well as emails from my contact, i’m saying it’s unofficial until i have a visa in my left hand and a plane ticket in my right hand.

and to get that visa, i’m waiting on my arrete. so, now i am just waiting on paperwork. which is a lot less stressful.

i’m not sure if words can capture how happy i am. or how many exclamation marks does it take to match my excitement?

and there is also a part two.

because i was so unsure about being renewed, i decided to not mettre tous mes oeufs dans le meme panier – put all my eggs in the same basket.

one of my backups? the peace corps.

i submitted my application in july.

and today, i’ve been nominated.

i originally thought i’d be teaching english, which is one of the major sectors (aside from health and technology)

and i am more than happy to teach english. i love languages, i love talking, i love accents, i just love it all.


i was nominated for a unique skills position.

of working with artists in northern africa.




that is a dream. it’s combining my love of french and art. and i’ll find a way to sneak the pastries in.

i am aware that between now and my estimated departure date in september 2011, things can change and fall through. perhaps the position will be cancelled and i’ll end up teaching english. perhaps there will be a bump in my medical clearance and i’ll miss the departure date. who knows, but a hazy cloud is better than no cloud at all.

i just hope by writing all this, i haven’t jinxed myself.

so while things continue to go on in the background, we’ll start a trip to louisiana.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I wish you good luck!



x said...

so exciting! good luck!

donna said...

i hope everything lands in the right place for you....

Jennie said...

Congrats!!!! Hope everything works out whichever job you end up doing!

Lizounette said...

omg- such fabulous news and possibilities! what a blessing. I have my fingers crossed for you!

bloggingupiseasyd said...

Good Luck! : )

reineke said...

Officially, congratulations.

christelle is flabbergasting said...

:))))) A bit late... but unofficial congratulations to you!

hope n laughter said...

I haven't been by in long while, so I'm catching up. So I'm very late in saying: C O N G R A T U L A T I O N!!!!!!!!!!!!!!