19 October 2010

baton rouge - slightly

la28and then you’re off to baton rouge. for just a moment, anyway.

because as soon as you arrive you’re invited to a shrimp and petro festival in morgan city. odd sounding at first until you realize that the festival has been going on for years before the oil spill.

la29and you make the driver pull over so you can take a closer look at one of the many swamps. louisiana is one state where you don’t want to drive sloppily, because you might be alligator dinner if you accidently drive off the road.

la30you pop into a school auditorium for a gospel concert.

la31 time for food. and not just any food, but festival  food.

la32as much as you’d like to explain what exactly you ate… you can’t remember. of course you listen when people explain things, but you don’t write anything down. you eat. food journalism is just not your thing, because when you find something delicious, eating is the only thing on your mind. but you do remember two names: etouffee and boudin balls!

la33 and you have no shortage of choice for sauces.

la34you hang out by one of the many bridges.

la36 and do some jumping around.

la39off to a concert. with a sunset. end of morgan city, and back to baton rouge.

la40and you visit the LSU campus to visit the home of mike the tiger, who is sleeping when you try to say hello.

la41one more breakfast joint, then off to your final stop: new orleans!


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Baton rouge is an interesting place. Thanks for sharing.



AbbieBabble said...

Oh, all of these pictures are making me want to go to Louisiana even more than I already did!

Sheridan said...

Love those pictures!