17 October 2010

going east

[in france. but let’s visit louisiana!]la01depending on what direction you are driving, you will see completely different landscapes in texas. in the north east, you’ll see… nothing. it’s rather flat. i live in the area of prairies and lakes. head south and you’ll see lots of hills. for example, austin. that is what we call the hill country. west? haven’t done that yet. but they are famous for their sunsets.

and east. you’ll see lots of trees. and that’s where you’re headed: to your neighbor, louisiana.

la02the brown pelican really became famous thus summer – drenched in oil. here is a happier one. all the states in america have a state bird, and the brown pelican happens to be louisiana’s because apparantly early european settlers were impressed by how nurturing the pelican ones.

la03you stop seeing texan flags. and start seeing lots of blue flags with the pelican – now you know you’re crossed the border.

and you’re getting a hint of fall.

la04your first city? shreveport. where you really are not sure what to do or where to go because you decided to wing the entire trip.

yes. equipped with 1) GPS 2) iphone 3) yelp application 4) google, you don’t really have anything planned. you’ll do all your research on the spot.

la05and you’re able to find a diner. which you aren’t aware of this now, but you will later: diner food is it in louisiana. especially places with just one syllable names. straum’s. george’s. louie’s. etc. etc.

diner food consists of: breakfest foods, sandwiches, grilled cheese, burgers, just simple american stuff.

and you’ll always find a bottle of tabasco sauce on the table. which you’re used to in texas. but only now do you realize that it’s made on avery island in louisiana. imagine that!

la07you find the one cool street in shreveport that isn’t full of chains. and you browse away.

la08of course the benches call to you and you take a break. benches really do reveal a lot about a culture, don’t you think?

la06you walk around. there’s some public art. it’s nice. but you become just a bit bored.

la09you continue walking. and duck into a movie theater for a few hours to become unbored.

la10you stay in a “carriage” style home. historically, people would park their carriages underneath the home and the actual living spaces would be on top. plus the person you’re staying with has an abandoned pony from a carousel? random, but works.

la11you have brunch at yet another diner. bacon, eggs, biscuits – this is breakfast southern style.

and then you’re on the road again.

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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

What a marvelous place! I'd love to see Louisiana.

Great shots.