22 October 2010

a little breather

evreuxwalk08recently it has been beautiful here. very cold. but at least the sky is blue.

evreuxwalk01moving. working. organizing. cleaning. busy.

but when the sun comes up and the weather is perfect, there is nothing to do but drop everything and walk. with a camera, of course.

evreuxwalk02autumn is all about transition.

evreuxwalk03and crispness as well. crisp leaves, crisp weather.

evreuxwalk04and the colors. reds. oranges. yellows. in texas, the transition doesn’t really happen! but here in evreux you are able to savor the gradual change.

evreuxwalk05you stumble upon a postcard perfect photo.

evreuxwalk06leaves leaves leaves. can’t get enough of them.

evreuxwalk07you technically left evreux and wandered into gravigny.

evreuxwalk09french houses = adorable.

evreuxwalk10a peak into the countryside.

evreuxwalk13random tidbit: did you know that the rooster, or le coq, is the official symbol of france? just like the bald eagle is for america, the rooster is the same for france. so here is a watering can rooster to finish up the walk.


Lizounette said...

tres belles photos. et le coq est adorable!

donna said...

i can almost feel the french automne here in So. Cal....thanks

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Lovely pictures! Fall is such a wonderful season.



... on the Moon said...

according to a book i read "Gaul" meant frenchman and "gaul" was a rooster in latin times. that's why coq is the symbol of france. fascinating!

Sasa said...

Hello from another footloose girl...I love the aesthetic of your blog, lovely ^_^