14 October 2010

more than just official…

sunriseso last year when i arrived a most magnificent sunrise greeted me.

arrival01but this year, perhaps because i wasn’t facing east, a different kind of sunrise greeted me.

arrival02or maybe it was just cloudy. who knows! i didn’t care. i was just happy to be on a flight to france.

arrival03i saw land. and as the smile began to form on my face, nothing could make it go away.

arrival04it only grew larger as i saw my beloved puffy clouds.

arrival05and even bigger when i saw rain and fog and mist and cold. quite different from the nice 90F texas weather. not knowing if i could return to france makes me now appreciate every moment that i am going to pass here.

however cold i am, however snowy it gets, however wet my toes are – what will it matter? i’m in france and that is most important. i have bread! i have butter! i have salt! that cancels out anything that might possibly make me sad.

and i’ve done more than just arrive. i actually arrived on sept 30th. but haven’t had a moment to breathe until now.

i have been juggling 1) starting work on oct 4th 2) finding an apartment, moving in, and furnishing it [fyi, apartments in france don’t come with stoves/cabinets/ovens/shelves/washers/dryers etc. they are bare] 3) juggling the bureaucracy for a potential 2nd job 4) finding a doctor who knows english 5) planning a "vacation” to germany 6) hanging out with friends.

all that without internet.

and now. the calm is settling in. the camera is coming out. i’m eagerly awaiting the real autumn when the leaves are brilliant shades of red, orange, and yellow.

hurray for another 7-8 months of exploration!

thank you all for the lovely comments and emails – sorry if i am terrible at replying, but i appreciate them all and will sift through my back log soon.


黃愛玲 said...

You have a lovely blog.I', enjoying some of the entries. =o)

donna said...

YAY!....you're back....and in FRANCE.....YAY!...more pictures, and a mental getaway for those of us that don't have a trip to france on the agenda this year.....ooooo...i can't wait for the pictures (heavy responsibility on you, i know!)

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Enjoy every moment of your stay!