18 October 2010


la12 natchitoches. you’re better off not trying to pronounce it unless you have a native speaker next to you, because whatever you think it might sound like, you are way off. guarantee it.

la14what exactly is so special about a small town in northern louisiana that it warrants a stop?

la13being the oldest permanent in the louisiana purchase, that’s why.

la15which means that it is filled with beautiful historical houses and plantations.

la16not to mention delicious meat pies. and usually you avoid fried food. but never have you had fried green beans the way you had them here. yum oh yum!

la17luckily you have your car so you’re able to explore the plantations on the cane river. and see things that would be rather impossible on foot.

la18at magnolia plantations you peek around at some slave quarters.

la20as well as a very well preserved steam cotton gin.

la19 you have a terrible memory and forgot what is in the photo…

la21if there is one thing that is crucial to southern life it is mosquito nets. absolutely required in all homes. or else you might come out with more bumps on your skin than you’d care to have.

la22they’re working on restoring the general store with authentic objects, but they aren’t quite finished yet.la23you feel like you’ve been transported to a random scene in gone with the wind. and you decide that next time, you want to continue exploring the deep south.

la24and what you love most are the trees. the oak trees. here at oakland plantation, those trees are not there randomly. they aren’t even there because they look good. the owners planted them knowing that the branches would channel the wind that blew over the river directly to the entrance of the house.

yep. air-conditioning. as eco-friendly as you can.

modern AC can never compare to the ingenuity of people in the past.

la25time is tight so you don’t get to fully explore the plantation.

la26but you do manage to tag along on a group tour inside the house.

la27you learn a bit about the family… but what impresses you most about the tour is the enthusiasm of the tour guide. and even though you already knew it, you like the confirmation that as long as you do something with passion and honestly, people will naturally appreciate it and respond.

which you will be doing and applying to your next 7 months as a teaching assistant!


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I love that place! So real and rustic.



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