20 October 2010

new orleans

la42new orleans starts with a cookie. a peanut butter cookie. and some iced tea.

a coffee shop. a real coffee shop that isn’t called starbucks. already you’re in happy mode.

la44you soak it in. and then you’re soaked as well. not rain, but sweat. humidity galore! so you do become a bit lazy with the camera.

la45it’s a city with a sense of humor, as this sign shows. (sorry. closed on monday’s. PS: today is monday)

la46you walk around the neighborhoods and admire the houses. and honestly, not one house resembles another.

la47you enjoy a free dinner.

la48of course listening to a jazz group is a must.

la49as well as having a daquiri.

la50the next morning. obligatory beignets at cafe du monde. no tourist camera will be missing a photo of these fried pieces of dough dusted in sugar.

la52no shortage of puffy clouds here.

la54you search out the farmer’s market. and just like the butter in france, your life changes.

because you taste a grape. a real grape. no words can describe it, the only thing to do is hop in a plane or in a car to new orleans and buy yourself a basket of these grapes. because after one, you’ll never be able to go back to supermarket grapes.

la55a very sensitive topic came up. how does one visit the 9th ward ethically? driving up in a car and taking photos lacks respect. so you ask around and learn about the house of dance and feathers. a museum that started in the backyard of ronald w. lewis after the destruction of katrina. and here it is not dedicated to just katrina, but instead to the culture of the people that he loves so much. and not just that, but he is more than happy to talk and share all the stories he has in life. a place to definitely not miss in new orleans.

la56and you end your trip like that. you head back to houston. then austin. then dallas. then again to houston for your visa. and again to austin to see some friends. then of course dallas. and then… france!

next journal stop: paris. but oh no, not paris, france. paris, texas. you’ll understand soon enough.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Another place I want to visit!



donna said...

i love new orleans...i love the red beans and rice.....the people...the jazz...nothing like it!

Anonymous said...

Recipe, please! for these fabulous peanut butter cookies!