21 October 2010


film02one of your best friends comes home.

but there is a catch. she’s only back for about 5 days before she moves far away. again.

so what do you do?

go to paris.

film04paris, texas that is. spontaneous trips to paris, france are unfortunately not financially possible. but paris, texas? jump into the car, and hop, you’re off!

film05on your drive there you spot something that makes you pull over because you don’t believe it. sheep. in 100F+ degree weather. in texas. really? you thought texas was too hot for sheep! but no. you blink and rub your eyes, and… they’re still there. napping under the shade, of course.

film07and you make it. hello, paris!

film08you browse an antique shop that is closed. it is sunday, after all.

film09but in small texan towns, people are a lot more trusting. and friendlier as well.

film11 since it is sunday and most everything is closed, you just walk around and admire the architecture.film12really not too much to see…

film13but better to see something than nothing, don’t you agree?

film14and you find the eiffel tower. texas style, of course with a nice red cowboy hat.

film15and on your way back to dallas you stop at dairy queen for a snack, which is a staple in any small texan town. or rather. your friend makes you stop, because you don’t like any form of fast food chains. but you’re happy to do anything, as long as it’s good quality time spent together.

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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I didn't know there was a Paris in Texas...