23 November 2010

an early snow

w01welcome to weilheim. you tell everybody you’re going to munich, but that’s only because it’s easier to explain than the little town 40 minutes away.

w02aside from the usual reasons for wanting to come back to france, a major reason for you was because you had projects to finish.

w03the search was successful. but it couldn’t end like that in april. a reunion had to happen.

and so it did.

w04so. you’re in bavaria. after the reunion, you have only one goal and one goal only.

eat a real brezel.

w05 and, done!

w06if you don’t drive, it’s important to have friends. to make friends.

because otherwise, it is difficult to see something you love most: the countryside.

w07as you drive further and further, you notice a transition starting to happen.

w08a blanket. the first snow of the season. the end of october, and already you are in a world of white.

w09you skip halloween and thanksgiving. all you can think of is christmas. you even skip your birthday. fondue. hot chocolate. spiced pecans. vin chaud. knitting. fireplaces. there’s still two months to go before the real thing, yet you’re already dreaming about all the things you love about winter. (while purposely forgetting about all the things you don’t like)

w10one big difference between normandy and bavaria: blue skies.

w11you think that its just luck that the sky is so nice on this particular day.

w12but no. you ask and it’s confirmed that in winter here, the sky is always blue and the sun is always shining. just like texas. except that there is snow here.

w13honestly. does it not feel like a postcard?

w14while neuschwanstein castle by king ludwig II may be the most famous, you instead opt up for his personal residence, the mini linderhof palace.

w15ah! a tiny disadvantage of snow. all the statues are boarded up and protected for winter and the entire area is roped off because it’s too dangerous for pedestrians to walk.

w16why eating outside might be tempting, it’s a tad bit too cold.

w20so you opt for some black forest cake and tea and apple cake inside a cozy little spa resort area.

w17the golden hour falls. your favorite time of the day, when everything has a subtle pink glow.

w18just like that, it’s over. 

w20aand what better way to end the day than feeding some carrots a german rabbit?


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

What gorgeous winter landscapes! I really want to visit Germany and eat real Bretzel!



Anonymous said...

You made me travel through Bavaria. Thanks. thomas.

pvill said...

Cathy all your pics look like postcards :)

cathy said...

:) always a pleasure!

and yes, eating a bretzel is a good goal.