25 November 2010

the first snow

firstsnownovember 25th.

snow. not in germany. not in the past. but now. in evreux.

not to mention, thanksgiving as well.

complete with baguettes. pumpkin pie. green bean casserole. pumpkin risotto. turkey. lemon cream pie. mashed potatoes. guacamole. chips. sangria. wine.  etc.

but more importantly, complete with old friends. new friends.

la famille is growing.

as always, i love the mélange. the mix.

mixing flavors. mixing tastes. mixing experiences. mixing colors. mixing ideas. and mixing people. i love seeing my friends make new friends. witnessing strangers become acquaintances and then finally friends makes me incredibly happy.

who knows where these friendships will go?

PS: the only thing missing were cranberries. because they don’t exist in any sort of fresh or frozen form. but we had more than enough delicious things to make up for it.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Happy Thanksgiving! It is snowing here too.



fanny said...

happy thanksgiving Cathy. I'm a little bit jealous of your snow. I've been waiting here, ready and all, but the skyes are deceptively blue. xx

cathy said...

<3 thank you! the snow was a tease - the real fall is supposed to happen this wednesday. and i'm not 100% prepared yet.