21 November 2010

going back in time

foggyevreux02today was a wet and foggy and cold day.

perfect for staying indoors and catching up on things.

notsofoggyevreuxhowever, yesterday, was sunny, blue, and just as perfect.

breakfast01but the most perfect day was the day before yesterday.

the 19th of november.

my birthday.

breakfast02it began with my favorite breakfast: bread, butter, and salt.

breakfast03and some strawberry jam as well.

bdayflowers01weeks and weeks ago i found an old charlotte pan. it was mine the moment my eyes locked on the red heart shaped handles.

ideas flew through my head. poached apples. cinnamon. lady fingers. cream. oh, the endless possibilities!

however, time flew a bit too fast and a charlotte was never made.

bdayflowers02little did i know i would be given flowers for my birthday. and with no vase in the apartment, the charlotte pan suddenly had it’s first official job: flower holder.

browniesthomas3it may have been my birthady, but a friend I adore was going to come to evreux for one night just for me. and i had promised him special cookies this past summer. when would there be a more perfect opportunity to keep my word?

browniesthomas5so i spent my friday doing what i love most: baking.

the request was: crunchy chocolate chewy brownie chunk cookies.

browniesthomasthe first step was making chewy brownies.

browniesthomas4and then cutting up the brownies to put them in the cookie dough.

browniesthomas2and so, the promise was kept. the cookies were eaten.

nightthen the night ended with friends and food. the only two things needed for a perfect 24th birthday.

bruitthe next day i got a birthday bonus.

a note asking for a little bit less noise.


good thing my birthday only rolls around once a year!

foggyevreux01we shall be going back further in time to: germany, la rochelle, and london i promise!