29 November 2010

lots of walking. lots of talking. lots of laughing.

w39acoffee. in a normal sized coffee cup. france and germany may be neighbors but there’s a world of difference in the coffee shop culture.

film another difference. the price of film.

90 centimes per roll versus 7 euros per roll.

perhaps it isn’t fair to compare aldi (germany) with cora (france) since they are two very different grocery store systems. but still, with a price difference like that, you’re still floored.

so you stock up in germany.

w39cyou leave weilheim. the mountains there were so imposing yesterday are now mere specks in the landscape.

w40a simple dinner greets you. and you play with the table decor, which includes of cloth fragments from the gates. talking to people who were actually there is almost as good as being there yourself.

a long chat. then off to bed.

w41and up for breakfast. german style, of course. which isn’t so different from the france except for the addition of salty things, like tomatoes and cheese.

w42and out for a walk. a brilliant walk. colors everywhere you turn your head.

w43and there’s a bit of halloween spirit hiding all over.

w44you love ducks. perhaps because they are the best way to get rid of stale bread no matter what country or culture you’re in.

w45 and here in gottingen, there’s a definite mix of cultures.

w46your new game is finding branches because of how perfectly they break up light.

w47crunch. crunch. crunch. you’re here at the perfect moment where everything has just fallen and nothing is soggy or rotting yet.

w55the best gifts in life are things that are signed, in your opinion. well, signed by people you like of course.

w56a good breakfast always ends in crumbs.

w59and an even better one has ginkgo leaves scattered on the table.

w60a journal (handwritten or digital) is a good way to remember life’s small moments that you are sure to forget in 35 years.

w62one night, a simple dinner.

w63the other night, a not so simple dinner with everything homemade by your favorite german grandma.

w64you say goodbye with dessert. a sweet end (or beginning?) to a lovely trip in germany.

you don’t actually say goodbye. you say see you soon. and next time, definitely before 35 years pass by.

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