24 November 2010

the melting of the early snow

w31day two. the snow is melting, but it’s still there.

w21there are certain things you love. one would be wooden anything. especially dining tables. the second would be old anything. especially old train timetables. a third would be pepper grinders. not especially ones that are battery powered and light up… but they are fun and did result in you peppering your food more than normal. the fourth you suppose would be simple spaces with striking objects.

w22at first glance, this may not be so special. but it is. the ginkgo. the buddha. the painting of a butterfly. small things that are actually major influences. details matter.

w23cows, or any animals, really do brighten up a landscape, don’t you think?

w24bright sun + snow = shadows –> endless patterns to discover.

w25actually, this is your favorite thing about fall. not the reds and oranges. not the crunching of the leaves. not the warm scarves around your neck. but when you find a tree that has intense yellow leaves on a day when the sky is an deep blue. complementary colors work!

w26indoors, outdoors, where exactly are you headed?

w27you’re headed back in time! an outdoor museum of historical german farms and houses. collected from all over germany and resettled in their permanent home called freilichtmuseum glentleiten. what a mouthful.

w28you start with the oldest house. and you’re a bad tourist because you don’t remember the dates of these buildings. sorry.

w29you’re too busy looking at details to read the captions (in german). but apparently you’re in a different house now that is a bit more recent than the previous wooden one.

w32they’ve not only preserved the different types of houses, but also reconstructed the gardens of the times. for example, potatoes pop up in the gardens after the discovery in the america. fun to see the historical changes of what people used to grow to eat.

w33heating and lighting before electricity.

w34electricity makes its appearance!

w35the barns and stables are also preserved here. they’re rather dark but not entirely lightproof so you play around with the light leaks.

w36break time. for some traditional bavarian food. which, sorry, you don’t remember at all the names or the ingredients…

w37you’ll forever associate forests with germany. you just can’t escape their influence here.

w38you’re not sure if it’s luck or fate or something else that has given you such nice weather in bavaria. because right before you arrived, it was nothing but rain and gray. and so far, you’ve yet to see any hint of gloom.

w30again the blue + yellow combination makes you fall more in love with fall.

w39perhaps you mention the sun too much. but you really do love it. and when you love something, well, there’s no stopping that love!

and that ends your short visit to bavaria. because the next day you’re off to lower saxony.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I love that Freilichtmuseum! We have something very similar here in the Bernese Oberland.



cathy said...

:) do try to visit it if you're ever in the area.