09 November 2010

where does one find the best bread?

vincentbreadthe bread is already very good in france.

but for the best, you can’t exactly just purchase it.

the boulanger has to make a practice round for a bread competition in paris that he is practicing for.

which results in leftover bread.

which goes directly to you.

bread made with love. by someone who is passionate about it. and is happy to share it with someone who loves eating it. that is the best bread.

vincentbread2in case you’re curious, the bread had pommes and boudin noir in it. pommes are apples. and boudin noir… you’re better off asking after you eat it, but i’ll tell you anyway: pig’s blood sausage. to the north american, yes, it sounds gross. to the french, it only sounds one word: delicieux!

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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

That is such an uncommon, but oh so scrumptious combo!