22 December 2010


nantesi could be away for 4 months.

i could be away for 4 weeks.

i could be away for 4 days. 4 hours away. in nantes.

it doesn’t matter because i love returning to evreux. the train enters a dark tunnel and begins to slow down. that’s when i know it’s my cue to get up and get ready to step off the train.

and then i’m back. and i become incredibly happy because i miss evreux each time i’m away.

it’s my time for small moments. the library. going to a movie. doing laundry. writing. organizing. sitting at my desk. avoiding slipping on ice. buying a baguette. reflecting on quotes i like:

Je n’ai jamais bien cherché pourquoi j’ai fait des photos.  En réalité, c’est une lutte désespérée contre l’idée qu’on va disparaître. –Robert Doisneau

but rarely do i stay long - i’m off again, if the snow will let me leave tomorrow.

merry christmas in advance, wherever you are! and enjoy all those small moments.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Happy holidays!



donna said...

merry christmas to you....enjoy all the sights, sounds and tastes of the season...