04 December 2010

essence of austin

aust01an austin easter egg for you.

aust06how these slipped through my fingers, i don’t know.

aust03but i found them. so let’s start with rye bread and mashed bananas for breakfast.

with a good friend, of course. alone in austin is no fun!

aust05take your time. it’s summer in austin. everything is laidback. everything is calm. everything is perfect.

aust04breathe in the hill country.

aust06aand stare at the wispy texan clouds you love so much.

aust06bthen you follow a lead for a potential film photo booth.

aust08it turns out to be digital. but you love the result anyway.

aust09then you hop to the farmer’s market for your two of your favorite summer fruits: blackberries and figs.

aust10you drive past your old campus.

aust14and it’s hot hot hot. so out comes a bottle of topo chico, sparkling mexican mineral water.

aust20what better way to hang out than to throw a garage sale? earn a bit, chat a lot!

aust23blaying on the grass.

aust23near empty pot of sangria in a kiddy pool. with more bottles of topo chico floating around.

aust22you can’t go wrong with milk + an intense chocolate brownie.

a bit too intense, though.

aust28and of course thrifting where everything you acquire goes straight to the backseat.

aust29for you, the sky never stops to fascinate you.

aust30especially with it’s ability to change over the course of a few minutes.

and now the summer easter egg is over, as we’ll be heading back into winter wonderland.

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