01 December 2010

favorite winter combination

decfirstsnow01november is over. today is december. and with it comes the snow.

decfirstsnow02falling snow never loses its magic. especially to someone from texas.

decfirstsnow05you panic a bit because now that it is december and no longer november, christmas is officially near and you’ve no idea where you’ll spend it or with whom. but you’re sure that just like last year, it will work itself out before the 25th.

decfirstsnow03so you focus instead on your favorite winter combinations. they swirl around in your head, just like the snowflakes outside.

decfirstsnow04cinnamon and chocolate.

red and green.

a warm blanket and your bed.

earmuffs and mittens.

hot tea and milk.

spiced nuts and maple syrup.

peppermint and white chocolate.

clem01 but your favorite?

clem02clementines and french boys.

that’s right.

if you see a french boy in the winter months, reach into the pocket of his jacket.

because you’re guaranteed 90% of the time to find a couple of clementines.

it’s a phenomenon you discovered last year.

you’d talk to one. and out of nowhere, he would begin peeling a clementine.

you’d run into one in the hallway. and as you did the bise, his hands would suddenly be holding clementines.

even the ones you don’t know.

on the metro. they will be texting or reading. you turn your head. and when you glance at them again, they’re snacking on a clementine.

or even on the bus. they’ll be staring out of the window. and five seconds later you notice that they’re expertly peeling a clementine.

french boys have a magical ability to pull out clementines from out of thin air at the most random moments.

clem03they (well, the non-strangers) always offer them to you. you rarely decline. how can you? clementines taste so good.

clem04and if you ever meet me, feel free to dig in my pockets. because i’ve copied french boys and always have a few on me as well. until the season is over, at least.

decfirstsnow06enjoy the snow + your favorite things about winter!


AbbieBabble said...

Oh, I'm so jealous of the snow- even for this hardened New Englander, it's always always magical. Enjoy!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Here it is a bit the same when it comes to clementines in people's pockets... The streets smells of them and everybody eats them while walking.

Here, there is 25cm of snow.